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’21 Point’ Touchdowns – Not!

January 6th, 2014 No comments

Hope you enjoyed the never-ending Holidays. Don’t know about you but with the holidays falling on Wednesday this year it seemed that I was on an extended vacation. (I guess that’s why Doctor’s close on Wednesdays) Great time, however, to relax, recharge and reflect – except if you’re back East and had to crank up those snow blowers..

Anyway, did you make a resolution to stop procrastinating this year? Well, good news, you don’t have to start implementing your goals until Monday, January 6th – the ‘official’ start of 2014- whew, what a relief! Sound familiar-losing weight, more exercise, make more money, etc.? Another sliver of good news to kick the year off – only 8% of us will achieve our new year’s resolutions-so don’t beat yourself up if you already blew it. It took you an entire year to add on those extra pounds why would you expect to lose them in a week or two?

If you were lucky enough to catch the Indianapolis Colts this weekend you saw one of the greatest comebacks in NFL playoff history. (against the Kansas City Chiefs). In order for the Colts to pull this off they needed a great quarterback. Andrew Luck, with only 2 years NFL experience, has already proved he is one of the best to ever play the position.

What Luck understood, as he came out for the 2nd half trailing by 21 points, is that there are no ’21 point’ touchdowns. He was also able to convince his teammates that there are no quick fixes… forget the score, let’s just get on the field and get this done, play by play. After an early mistake (interception) they were now down by 28..again, don’t look back, let’s take this one step at a time… (you guessed it, no ’28 point’ touchdowns either) It took a tremendous amount of conviction, composure and calmness-proving it could be done, despite facing insurmountable odds.

In life, you are your own quarterback. Taking charge and being honest with that man (woman) in the mirror will take you wherever and whenever you want to go. You CAN do this-have fun and make this the best year of your life! Establish your goals, set your sails, seek support from friends and family and ignore the opinions of naysayers. It’s okay to experience minor setbacks (interceptions) – as a matter of fact, expect them along the way, but just keep falling forward regardless..

Most of all, remember that there are no ‘ 21 point’ touchdowns in Life and that you are an exclusive member of  ’The 8 Percent Club’!


Mastering the Real Estate Eco-System

October 16th, 2012 No comments

Settleware® Secure Services, inc.


 E-Book: Mastering the Real Estate Eco-System

Chapter One: The Early Days – Why We Do What We Do

As we continue  to espouse the security and benefits of electronic real estate/mortgage transactions we’re surprised to see the audience amazement when they learn that we have been beating this drum for more than a decade. In the late 90′s (formerly, we had a clear focus to streamline the entire real estate and mortgage transaction by connecting all parties, documents and vendors over the Internet – without a single piece of paper. The enabling ‘glue’ – electronic signatures.

The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign Act), signed into law on June 30, 2000 by President Clinton, provides a rule of validity for electronic records and signatures for transactions in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce. The E-Sign Act allows the use of electronic records to satisfy any statute, regulation, or rule of law requiring that such information be provided in writing, if the consumer has affirmatively consented to such use and has not withdrawn such consent. Subject to certain exceptions, the substantive provisions of the law were effective on October 1, 2000. Record retention requirements became effective on March 1, 2001.

Operating three independent escrow offices in Orange County, CA , each separated by a 20 minute drive-time, we were challenged by the distance to ‘match’ up personalities between our real estate professional partners and our seasoned expert escrow officers. We often heard “I don’t want me or my clients to have to drive all that distance to sign docs”.  AHA moment!!

The internet was coming into its’ own, escrow officers had no clue what a ‘ mouse’ was  - what’s an email? Time to create a novel concept and competitive differentiator – connect all parties, processes, documents and vendors over the internet, real-time, without any human touching a single piece of paper, fax, scan, courier or even a stamp, removing all the associated ‘paper-based’ friction and compliance issues (ready to close only to find missing documents, signatures, initials, pages, etc.) US & Int’l patents issued and pending.

Actually, let me take you back a few steps further. I have been a licensed real estate professional in CA & NY, since leaving Wall Street in the late 70′s. (OK, I’m not really 39-again) While practicing in NY in the early 90′s we made the futile attempt the mirror the CA real estate closing settlement process and eliminate the need for the antiquated ‘sit-down’ closing, which was typically scheduled at the last minute, at an inconvenient time and location for all parties, especially  buyers and sellers. The transaction was already stressful enough and now all parties needed to scramble to get to the ‘table’. Sitting down in a room with all the principles and lawyers (each one representing their respective buyers, sellers, lenders and title company) the process then became the art of 11th hour negotiations. Anyway, you get the picture-it was ugly and in desperate need of change. Cutting to the chase- legislatures (mostly attorneys) put up the wall and roadblocks to protect their turf so we needed to pivot.

By electronically connecting principals, documents and all participants we could then process real estate transactions all over the World from a single location. So the journey began. We clearly understood the complicated Eco-System – we needed to collaborate with every service provider that ‘touched’ the transaction, knowing that if we didn’t have 100% buy-in we would not see complete adoption anytime soon. Lenders said ‘if you get title to issue insurance on the e-transaction and secondary investors (Fannie Mae, etc.) to purchase the loan/note we’re in’, Title mentioned ‘if you get the County Recorders to accept e-Recordings we’re good’ , followed by MERS e-Registry ( e-Vault) and Secretaries of State (e- Notary). In 2002, Detroit Red Wing star, Ladislav Kahn, e-signed a real estate escrow agreement, on the ice while he was practicing for the Stanley Cup playoffs (they won!) In 2004, partnering with Home Loan ( Lending Tree) we processed the first paperless, electronic and all digital deed of trust in Orange County, CA – a savings of $330.00 for this one single step of the transaction was gained by all stakeholders. WOW- what a no Brainer!

Next step, as you may be aware not all lenders portfolio their own loans so we needed to have a secondary investor like Wells Fargo, Countrywide or Fannie Mae purchase these loans electronically. Working closely with American First Credit Union, Countrywide, Fannie Mae and MERS e-Registry we successfully registered and sold an electronic promissory note in 1 minute and 37 seconds (most likely the highest liability document that any consumer will execute in their lifetime). Security was the highest priority, not only for this entire pilot team but for the Industry as a whole-we could not tolerate a single incident of fraud or it would set the Industry back for years! Amazing- lenders could shave off 10-14 days of interest charges, get the funds same day and loan it out again.

In Chapter Two, we’ll discuss the real estate implosion, robo-signing and how the Escrow Settlement providers are now ‘taking the field…

October, 2012

Rick Triola, Founder



August 9th, 2011 No comments

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ____________________________________________________________________________________


Innovative ‘Pay As You Go’ e-Signing Benefits All Real Estate Association Members

North Wilkesboro, NC  - August 8, 2011  – Settleware Secure Services, Inc., the pioneering e-Sign leader to the Real Estate Industry, is pleased to announce that Wilkes County Association of REALTORS® (WCAR) has licensed both its innovative e-Signature technology and US patent for the benefit of all WCAR members.

“We are pleased to partner with Wilkes County Association of REALTORS® and its’ visionary leadership to provide relevant e-Signing technology to all Association members, enabling each member to take their business to the next level” says 30 year real estate veteran and Settleware President & CEO, C. Richard Triola

“The Wilkes County Association of REALTORS® is proud to add Settleware e-Signing as a membership benefit to our REALTOR® members.  e-Signing is a safe, quick method of signing documents that will assist our agents and clients with their transactions.  Providing Settleware e-Signing as part of our Wilkes County Association of REALTORS®  membership,  not only enhances the professionalism of our members, but also provides their clients with a secure, fast method of signing documents ” stated Viva Aldrich, Executive Officer, Wilkes County Association of REALTORS®.

Over the past decade Settleware has been leading the charge to deliver the first and only real estate electronic and paperless transaction – from opening to closing – completely over the Internet. “We realize there were several choices available and appreciate the Wilkes County Board’s extensive due diligence and selection of our unparalleled e-Signing service, expertise and offering,” Triola continued.

“We fully understand these trying times and the challenges that our real estate colleagues face on a daily basis. With this offering, no Agent will be left behind and all will have the immediate benefit of processing legally binding, compliant documents in real time – more efficiently meeting critical time frames and eliminating the heavy paper use they currently experience with each and every transaction.  It’s hard enough these days to close a transaction without having to chase documents and signatures not only across the county, but also to clients who live out of town, out of state, or may be away on vacation or business.  With technology such as Settleware e-Sign, the business of buying and selling real estate continues as easily as it would if all parties were sitting together in the same room” continued Aldrich.


Created by REALTORS® Settleware Secure Services, Inc. has been spearheading the initiative to facilitate a complete electronic and paperless real estate transaction over the Internet since 1999.  Today, Settleware is the leading provider of e-Signatures, e-Notarization and e-Recording workflow to the Real Estate/Mortgage Industry and offers the Nations first and only patented and complete electronic real estate/ mortgage transaction, from the initial purchase offer contract – to Escrow/Settlement – to the County Recorder – to the Secondary Investor.  Settleware has served as the catalyst for a pure end–to-end pure electronic and paperless real estate/escrow transaction, spending years collaborating with Industry pioneers and experts to gain Industry wide ‘buy-in’. Settleware is the first and only e-Sign solution provider that has been certified by County Recorders (e-Recording), Secretaries of State (e-Notary), Fannie Mae (e-Notes) and MERS e-Registry (e-Vault), Wells Fargo (e-Disclosures) and One West Bank. (e-REO)

The company offers a secure signing solution that provides document tamper sealing, roles and permissions access and secure digital encryption algorithms that can authenticate the source of a digital signature as “valid” while providing one of the Industry’s first certified e-Vaults. The company’s innovative and patented software, offered as a service subscription-based model (SaaS), seamlessly connects all participants and contracts in the real estate/escrow/mortgage transaction. Settleware is offered through MLS, REALTOR® Associations and Broker-owned companies to benefit over 1 million members nationwide. To learn more how Settleware can take your business to the next level call 888.632.3833, email or visit  Join the discussion by subscribing to the Settleware’s blog at and become a Friend on Facebook.


The Wilkes County Association of REALTORS® strives to be the premier trade association dedicated to the professional development of its membership.

The purpose of the Wilkes County Association of REALTORS® is to encourage professionalism through information and resources to better develop, support, protect and guide both members and clients.  This is the result of innovative programs, locally focused services and advocacy for ethical business practices and individual property rights for all Wilkes County citizens. WCAR is constantly striving to set the bar on high quality care and attention to detail in each and every real estate transaction.  If you decide to be a Buyer or Seller here in Wilkes County, WCAR members take very seriously their role in assisting you with your real estate property needs.  For more information, please visit


C. Richard Triola                                                                                 Viva Aldrich                                                               

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Newport Beach, CA 92663                                                                   North Wilkesboro, NC 28659

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Settleware® e-Signature SMB Solution Drives Your Car Our Driver

May 31st, 2011 No comments

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) May 28, 2011

Settleware Secures Services. Inc., the pioneering electronic and digital signature leader has expanded its offering to small to medium sized business (SMB), ‘We’re excited to offer immediate ROI solutions to SMB’s and have enjoyed our partnership with Your Car Our Drive. Founder Josef Wojtkow continues to explode his business and we’re pleased to provide an integral component” says Rick Triola, President & CEO Settleware

“With the high cost of having a administrative staff, Settleware has been the perfect cost effective fit for Your Car Our Driver(YCOD). It has allowed us the freedom to concentrate on business development and not administrative by allowing Settleware’s technology platform to take care of all our client setup documents. We have many high profile clients and this platform has given our clients the peace of mind knowing the information that they give YCOD is securely stored. Additionally, with the high fraudulent credit card misuse, Settleware has given YCOD a backup plan that the client electronically authorized future charges with the IP signature solution. I highly recommend Settleware to any company desiring to save on administrative costs and to protect their confidential client information “stated Josef Wojtkow, CEO

In the US, almost 80 % of all employer firms have fewer than 10 employees and nearly 90% have fewer than 500 employees. These firms are the backbone of the American economy and account for half of the GDP and more than half of all employment. “Josef exemplifies the driving entrepreneur that has successfully identified a niche, solved the pain and capitalized on the opportunity. Saving time and money, more than 80% over traditional shipping costs, FedEx, UPS, USPS and couriers, is an absolute requirement for these companies to continue to strive, especially in these troubling times”, Triola continued



Settleware E-Signature Platform Expands Auditor Access to Escrow and Closing Industry

May 18th, 2011 No comments

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ____________________________________________________________________________________

Settleware e-Signature Platform Expands Auditor Access to Escrow and Closing Industry

Settleware Secure Services, Inc. has been the ground-breaking electronic and digital signature leader since 1999.  The company recently unveiled a newly enhanced external ‘auditor’ feature which meets compliance standards and will help external auditors and examiners gain secure access.

Newport Beach, CA – MAY 17, 2011 – Settleware® Secure Services, Inc, the pioneering electronic signature and secure form workflow leader to the Real Estate, Escrow and Mortgage Industry today announced the release of an enhanced external ‘auditor’ feature. “Permission and rules based access to archived records to a secure e-vault satisfies a critical need for all escrow, settlement and closing agents in order to be compliant with state and federal regulations’ stated C. Richard Triola, President & CEO.

With more than 3 decades of real estate and escrow domain experience, Settleware (formerly recognized that licensed escrow/settlement companies are required to complete financial audits every year to ensure compliance with State regulations and most licensed closing agents are subject to random, surprise examinations by the governing bodies.

“With the increased awareness that electronic signatures and electronic escrow will soon become the standard for all escrow and closing agents we needed to provide special roles and privileged access to not only State examiners but also independent CPA firms that need to review files and complete their audits. Granting these professionals secure access to view all digital and electronic files allows the Industry to readily adopt this “Game Changing’ and patented technology.

Featured in the best seller ‘Game Changers- Leading Entrepreneurs and How they are Changing the Game..’, (Amazon’ rated #1,  November 2010), Triola continued to describe how an e-Signature affixed to any/all contracts and agreements will become the standard, eliminating the ‘friction’ associated with paper, faxing, scanning and expensive overnight deliveries of agreements, and  urges all Escrow, Settlement and Closing Agents to explore not only the immediate benefits to all clients and  stakeholders but to also become stewards and drivers of good Corporate Social Responsibility. With the click of a mouse and zero carbon footprints it is not difficult to understand the impact on our environment for generations to come.


Created by a 30 year real estate and escrow veteran, Settleware Secure Services, Inc. has been spearheading the initiative to facilitate a complete electronic and paperless real estate escrow/mortgage transaction over the Internet. For more than a decade Settleware is recognized as the pioneering leader of e-Signatures, e-Notarization and e-Recording workflow to the Real Estate/Mortgage Industry and offers the Industry’s first and only fully electronic and paperless,  real estate escrow transaction over the Internet – from the initial purchase contract/ instructions to  selling the highest liability promissory e-Note to the Secondary Investor .  Settleware is  the only patented  e-Signature solution provider that has been certified by County Recorders (e-Recording), Secretaries of State (e-Notary), Fannie Mae (e-Notes) and MERS e-Registry (e-Vault), Wells Fargo (e-Disclosures) and One West Bank


To learn more how Settleware can partner to take your business to the next level contact us 888.632.3833 or visit us at Join the discussion by subscribing to the Settleware’s blog at www.settleware/blog and become a Friend on Facebook


C. Richard Triola
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