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Apple Wins Big in Patent Case

August 28th, 2012 No comments

Wall St Journal, August 25, 2012 Apple Wins Big In Patent Case.

Among other findings, the jury at the US District Court found that many of the Apple patents were willfully infringed by Samsung. That means that federal Judge Lucy Koh now has the discretion to triple Apple’s damages award, said Brian Love, Santa Clara University School of Law, who has been tracking the case. ” This is a huge, crushing win for Apple,” he said.



CA Escrow Association Urges ‘All Hands on Deck’ – Please Call Your Assembly Member Today

August 10th, 2012 No comments

Senate Bill 12 Update

According to the California Escrow Association SB 12 has been amended further; regretfully it still confuses and obscures what under current law are predictable bulk sale escrow procedures. With a Vote likely planned for Monday on the Assembly floor CEA is asking members and friends to “call your Assembly Member today, Friday, August 10, in her or his Sacramento office and respectfully request their NO VOTE on Senate Bill 12….” 



GreenFolders Adds Settleware’s On Demand e-Sign Service

July 9th, 2012 No comments



Steve McAdams

Director of Marketing



GreenFolders Adds Settleware’s On Demand e-Sign Service


July 9, 2012, Salt Lake City, UT – GreenFolders, provider of the GreenFolders electronic office management system announced today that it has partnered with Settleware to bring its users e-signature capabilities.

For over a decade, Settleware® has been a pioneering leader in the area of electronic signatures. Based on patented secured technology, their real-time signing solution fully automates contract execution – collapsing to minutes a process that often takes hours or days.

In making the announcement, Mike Kirby President and CEO of GreenFolders stated “ With our ongoing commitment to improving workflow and eliminating paper-based processes, Settleware was a logical and synergistic addition to the GreenFolders platform.” He went on to say “By utilizing their e-Sign technology, our customers will be able to further capitalize on the cost-savings and efficiencies derived from working in a truly electronic environment.”

GreenFolders office management system provides users with the capability to manage, work on, mark-up, share, and store files electronically. With the addition of e-signature capabilities, GreenFolders users will be able to take a document from creation through execution and to final storage in an entirely electronic format – eliminating the need for paper.

“We are excited about this partnership with GreenFolders.” stated Kyle Stephenson, Senior Vice President of Settleware. “As purchasers of real estate become increasingly tech-savvy, industry professionals will need the tools to function in a fully electronic environment.  GreenFolders in conjunction with our real-time service provides this tool.”

Users of GreenFolders latest version will have immediate access to Settleware’s electronic signature services.

About GreenFolders

GreenFolders, Inc., a Utah corporation headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, provides innovative electronic office management software solutions that help businesses reach their potential by becoming more efficient, using less paper, and collaborating more effectively. More information about GreenFolders and the GreenFolders office management system is available at

About Settleware

Since 1999, Settleware has been a pioneering leader in the area of e-signatures. Its patented secure e-Sign solution reduces time frames and eliminates paper-based delays by enabling users of its technology to securely send, e-sign, return,track and eVault any document requiring a signature. More information about Settleware can be found HERE.


Settleware Awarded Patent for E-Signing Technology

June 28th, 2012 2 comments

Settleware Secure Services, Inc., a pioneer of the e-signing industry, was recently awarded a patent for its paperless real estate and mortgage transaction technology.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, June 25, 2012—On June 19, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office expanded Settleware Secure Services, Inc’s. Patent portfolio by awarding the company patent No. 8,204,807 relating to its innovative e-signing technology.

Settleware’s e-signing technology is the first and only end-to-end real estate solution that enables any party involved in a transaction to use electronic and digital signatures to sign documents seamlessly and securely at any time online. It is also the only commercial solution certified by the real estate and mortgage industry, including lenders, secretaries of state, county recorders, MERS eRegistry and Fannie Mae.

Settleware’s technology continues the advancement of paperless technology and transactions throughout various market segments including the real estate and mortgage industries.

With Settleware’s e-signing technology, users do not have to chase down signatures or worry about missing pages. Documents protected by Settleware are 100 percent compliant and tamper sealed to guarantee integrity and confidentiality.

Service providers such as mortgage lenders, real estate agents, escrow settlement agents, and notaries save time and money with the help of Settleware’s e-signing process. They will not misfile, need to re-key or have to track down missing signatures, initials or pages.

“After working in the real estate industry for three decades, I saw that there was a need to streamline real estate and mortgage transactions,” said Rick Triola, founder and CEO of Settleware. “I knew there had to be a better way to conduct business, and Settleware is proud to provide that solution.  This announcement is proof of the novelty of Settlware’s e-signing technology. It is a game-changer because it solves the problem of paper and eliminates the associated stress inherent with typically the largest purchase most consumers would ever make in their lifetime. ‘Pen on paper’ will soon be a thing of the past.”

About Settleware Secure Services, Inc.

Settleware has been known as the pioneer and expert e-signing business for the real estate and mortgage industries for more than a decade. Its multi-patented technology enables paperless transactions between numerous parties and protects all documents involved in the electronic process, ensuring security and confidentiality. For more information, call 888-632-3833 or visit



Nation’s First ‘Robo-Signing’ Indictments

November 27th, 2011 2 comments

For a couple of Orange County (CA) residents Thanksgiving weekend just wasn’t what they were accustomed to. A Nevada grand jury indicted the couple in what appears to be the first criminal case filed connected to the nationwide ‘robo signing’ scandal. According to Jeff Collins, reporter with  the OC Register, ‘both are title officers who worked for the Jacksonville, FL mortgage servicing firm Lender Processing Service.”

The time is ripe for the  Lenders ‘C-Level’  Suite to step up, put a stake in the ground that these issues should never be tolerated – and move forward with an all-electronic and digital transaction – eliminating the associated fraud associated with human error, back-dating, white-out, cut and paste signatures, substitution of  false documents, etc. Secure ‘tamper-resistant’ document processing technology has been available for years – tested, live and certified (by all Industry participants/leadership-sans Lenders) - gurading against such ‘all-so-common’ instances of fraud and outrageous manipulation. The article further mentioned a Huffington Post quote from University of Minnesota law Professor Prentice Cox, a former Assistant State Attorney General, adding: ” When criminal prosecutions are done for robo-signing, I would hope the target of those prosecutions would be the people who designed the system and profited from it, not just the low level people doing what they were told.” Read More