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MERS Janis Smith on Washington Supreme Court Opinion

August 17th, 2012 No comments


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Statement from Janis L. Smith, Vice President for Corporate Communications

MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. on the Washington Supreme Court Decision

 Reston, Virginia, August 16, 2012 – Today’s Washington Supreme Court opinion held that if Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS) is not the promissory note-holder, then it is not considered to be the beneficiary for purposes of non-judicial foreclosures in Washington.  The court does not find that deeds of trust that name MERS as beneficiary are invalid and states that there is nothing in this opinion that prevents the parties from proceeding with judicial foreclosures.  Nor does it prohibit MERS from acting as mortgagee in the land records or a lenders’ use of the MERS® System to track changes in mortgage servicing and ownership of the promissory note.

As we have maintained consistently, MERS is an agent of lenders and their successors and assigns.  In fact, the opinion written by Justice Tom Chambers states: “nothing in this opinion should be construed to suggest an agent cannot represent the holder of a note.  Washington law, and the deed of trust act itself, approves of the use of agents.”  The opinion also states: “MERS notes, correctly, that we have [the Court has] held ‘an agency relationship results from…consent by one person that another shall act on his behalf…’”

MERS ceased commencing foreclosures in its name over a year ago, so this opinion does not impact its current operations.  The opinion will, however, create confusion for Washington homeowners while the trial courts consider its effect on pending cases.  We remain confident that MERS’ role in the U.S. housing finance system is valid and will withstand legal challenges.

For descriptions of cases and other materials pertaining to MERS’ business model and role in U.S. housing, please visit


MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. is a privately held corporation that owns and manages the MERS® System and all other MERS® products.  It is a member-based organization made up of thousands of lenders, servicers, sub-servicers, investors and government institutions.  Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS) serves as the mortgagee in the land records for loans registered on the MERS® System, and is a nominee (or agent) for the owner of the promissory note.  The MERS® System is a national electronic database that tracks changes in mortgage servicing and beneficial ownership interests in residential mortgage loans on behalf of its members.


GreenFolders Adds Settleware’s On Demand e-Sign Service

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Steve McAdams

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GreenFolders Adds Settleware’s On Demand e-Sign Service


July 9, 2012, Salt Lake City, UT – GreenFolders, provider of the GreenFolders electronic office management system announced today that it has partnered with Settleware to bring its users e-signature capabilities.

For over a decade, Settleware® has been a pioneering leader in the area of electronic signatures. Based on patented secured technology, their real-time signing solution fully automates contract execution – collapsing to minutes a process that often takes hours or days.

In making the announcement, Mike Kirby President and CEO of GreenFolders stated “ With our ongoing commitment to improving workflow and eliminating paper-based processes, Settleware was a logical and synergistic addition to the GreenFolders platform.” He went on to say “By utilizing their e-Sign technology, our customers will be able to further capitalize on the cost-savings and efficiencies derived from working in a truly electronic environment.”

GreenFolders office management system provides users with the capability to manage, work on, mark-up, share, and store files electronically. With the addition of e-signature capabilities, GreenFolders users will be able to take a document from creation through execution and to final storage in an entirely electronic format – eliminating the need for paper.

“We are excited about this partnership with GreenFolders.” stated Kyle Stephenson, Senior Vice President of Settleware. “As purchasers of real estate become increasingly tech-savvy, industry professionals will need the tools to function in a fully electronic environment.  GreenFolders in conjunction with our real-time service provides this tool.”

Users of GreenFolders latest version will have immediate access to Settleware’s electronic signature services.

About GreenFolders

GreenFolders, Inc., a Utah corporation headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, provides innovative electronic office management software solutions that help businesses reach their potential by becoming more efficient, using less paper, and collaborating more effectively. More information about GreenFolders and the GreenFolders office management system is available at

About Settleware

Since 1999, Settleware has been a pioneering leader in the area of e-signatures. Its patented secure e-Sign solution reduces time frames and eliminates paper-based delays by enabling users of its technology to securely send, e-sign, return,track and eVault any document requiring a signature. More information about Settleware can be found HERE.



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Innovative ‘Pay As You Go’ e-Signing Benefits All Real Estate Association Members

North Wilkesboro, NC  - August 8, 2011  – Settleware Secure Services, Inc., the pioneering e-Sign leader to the Real Estate Industry, is pleased to announce that Wilkes County Association of REALTORS® (WCAR) has licensed both its innovative e-Signature technology and US patent for the benefit of all WCAR members.

“We are pleased to partner with Wilkes County Association of REALTORS® and its’ visionary leadership to provide relevant e-Signing technology to all Association members, enabling each member to take their business to the next level” says 30 year real estate veteran and Settleware President & CEO, C. Richard Triola

“The Wilkes County Association of REALTORS® is proud to add Settleware e-Signing as a membership benefit to our REALTOR® members.  e-Signing is a safe, quick method of signing documents that will assist our agents and clients with their transactions.  Providing Settleware e-Signing as part of our Wilkes County Association of REALTORS®  membership,  not only enhances the professionalism of our members, but also provides their clients with a secure, fast method of signing documents ” stated Viva Aldrich, Executive Officer, Wilkes County Association of REALTORS®.

Over the past decade Settleware has been leading the charge to deliver the first and only real estate electronic and paperless transaction – from opening to closing – completely over the Internet. “We realize there were several choices available and appreciate the Wilkes County Board’s extensive due diligence and selection of our unparalleled e-Signing service, expertise and offering,” Triola continued.

“We fully understand these trying times and the challenges that our real estate colleagues face on a daily basis. With this offering, no Agent will be left behind and all will have the immediate benefit of processing legally binding, compliant documents in real time – more efficiently meeting critical time frames and eliminating the heavy paper use they currently experience with each and every transaction.  It’s hard enough these days to close a transaction without having to chase documents and signatures not only across the county, but also to clients who live out of town, out of state, or may be away on vacation or business.  With technology such as Settleware e-Sign, the business of buying and selling real estate continues as easily as it would if all parties were sitting together in the same room” continued Aldrich.


Created by REALTORS® Settleware Secure Services, Inc. has been spearheading the initiative to facilitate a complete electronic and paperless real estate transaction over the Internet since 1999.  Today, Settleware is the leading provider of e-Signatures, e-Notarization and e-Recording workflow to the Real Estate/Mortgage Industry and offers the Nations first and only patented and complete electronic real estate/ mortgage transaction, from the initial purchase offer contract – to Escrow/Settlement – to the County Recorder – to the Secondary Investor.  Settleware has served as the catalyst for a pure end–to-end pure electronic and paperless real estate/escrow transaction, spending years collaborating with Industry pioneers and experts to gain Industry wide ‘buy-in’. Settleware is the first and only e-Sign solution provider that has been certified by County Recorders (e-Recording), Secretaries of State (e-Notary), Fannie Mae (e-Notes) and MERS e-Registry (e-Vault), Wells Fargo (e-Disclosures) and One West Bank. (e-REO)

The company offers a secure signing solution that provides document tamper sealing, roles and permissions access and secure digital encryption algorithms that can authenticate the source of a digital signature as “valid” while providing one of the Industry’s first certified e-Vaults. The company’s innovative and patented software, offered as a service subscription-based model (SaaS), seamlessly connects all participants and contracts in the real estate/escrow/mortgage transaction. Settleware is offered through MLS, REALTOR® Associations and Broker-owned companies to benefit over 1 million members nationwide. To learn more how Settleware can take your business to the next level call 888.632.3833, email or visit  Join the discussion by subscribing to the Settleware’s blog at and become a Friend on Facebook.


The Wilkes County Association of REALTORS® strives to be the premier trade association dedicated to the professional development of its membership.

The purpose of the Wilkes County Association of REALTORS® is to encourage professionalism through information and resources to better develop, support, protect and guide both members and clients.  This is the result of innovative programs, locally focused services and advocacy for ethical business practices and individual property rights for all Wilkes County citizens. WCAR is constantly striving to set the bar on high quality care and attention to detail in each and every real estate transaction.  If you decide to be a Buyer or Seller here in Wilkes County, WCAR members take very seriously their role in assisting you with your real estate property needs.  For more information, please visit


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Newport Beach, CA 92663                                                                   North Wilkesboro, NC 28659

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2011 – The Year of Electronic Escrows and Closings

February 26th, 2011 2 comments

After more than a decade of the passage of the e-Sign Act we’re pleased to announce that the Escrow/Settlement Industry is poised to adopt electronic signature technology into their paper intensive processes. In our recent Escrow Survey an overwhelming majority of respondents (67%) stated that they would be adding e-Signatures to their escrow workflow, contracts and agreements within the next 12 months.

Seems like the rapid acceptance and adoption of electronic signatures by real estate agents, buyers and sellers may be the primary cause for this recent change of priorities. Escrow officers and settlement/closing agents generally carry out the instructions from the principal parties and are not particularly known to be ‘early adopters’. Buyers/Sellers/Borrowers, who are becoming more comfortable with e-Signing upfront purchase and counter offers, instructions and agreements, will now be able to complete their transaction over the Internet (anytime, anyplace-even at the airport on their mobile phone) removing most, if not all, the friction associated with current paper-based processes. No paper, no faxing, no scanning, no expensive overnight FedEx or UPS shipping charges and most importantly, no more chasing down missing documents, pages or signatures!
Removing the stress for all parties, especially the overworked escrow officers and closing agents, will be very much appreciated!


Black Friday Savings 1 month no charge! – Settleware’s e-Signing.

November 24th, 2010 No comments

Every year, Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season for consumers all over the country. But I’ve noticed that businesses really get the short end of the stick

when it comes to Holiday deals. Unless you’re looking for a new TV for your break room or some toys to fill up your kid-entertaining kit, you’re probably out of luck when it comes to finding sales that apply to you.

That’s why we’ve put together our own special Black Friday Holiday promotion just for you.

We are offering our e-Signing service for a month free! Unlimited documents and electronic signatures along with unlimited support forever. After your 30 days are up we put you on our affordable $14.98 monthly plan.

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