NotaryCam is Revolutionizing Online Notarizations Providing the Best in Protection and Convenience

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Notaries have been around for centuries, providing professional witnessing and ID verification of signers. But with the explosion of global e-commerce and more faced with needing a notary to conduct business, travel abroad, sign crucial medical documents, etc., the need for quick and easy document notarizations has also increased significantly. NotaryCam, is meeting that need with the most sophisticated system available for getting documents notarized online.





CFPB Suggests The Real Estate Industry is Ripe for e-Closings – We Totally Agree

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Not sure if you caught any of the buzz this week, but the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has announced a new pilot program that is seeking partners to provide a more consumer-friendly real estate/mortgage electronic closing experience. Guess we can’t make the claim, but for all intents and purposes, we have been in an e-Closing pilot for nearly 2 decades. As a licensed bi-coastal REALTOR, the only thing that seemed to matter was to ‘close the deal,’ with the least amount of friction-so I would get paid my much earned ‘battle fee’ and my clients could move on with their life in their new dream home.

Back East in the late 80′s, we took our initial stab at improving the antiquated ‘sit-down’ closing experience/nightmare. Running into an entrenched status quo, we needed to change course, our first pivot. Moving on to the West Coast in the 90′s, and with the Internet coming into its own, we could envision a clear path to electronic closings by connecting all parties, documents and vendors over the internet and performing virtual closings anytime and from anywhere.

As an entrepreneur, I had my share of the typical roller coaster ride of a start-up. Most ideas just don’t pan out, but this proposition just made too much sense to give up on.  We kept asking ourselves why would anyone NOT prefer to do it our way?  Why would they want to drive to some out-of-the way location at a most inconvenient time or be tethered to paper, fax machines, scanners or expensive overnight courier services? Just didn’t make sense.

What was a simple idea, has turned into a life’s journey. I won’t bore you with the extensive eco system challenges and resentments we have faced but, as the CFPB believes, “There may be opportunities to leverage technology to solve some of the issues that cause frustrations for both consumers and professionals in the mortgage closing process.”

Finally! And we couldn’t agree more! Our second pivot came in 2012, NotaryCam. With thousands of satisfied consumer transactions and a 18-month Industry wide pilot including all stakeholders, the consumer now receives the ultimate convenience and speed of a complete e-Closing with the benefit of our professional e-certified notaries and the NotaryCam virtual solution.We are excited to see where we go next now that the CFPB has shown such an keen interest.  Keep posted for further updates.


Big Shout Out to Our Fav Aussie Client – Small Business Finalist

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We’re kind of like beaming parents to see one of our own on stage and being recognized as an ICON 2014 Small Business Finalist. A remarkable achievement in a very competitive and global marketplace. With a  lot of hard work, and a little Settleware automation to close deals in real time,  we congratulate Lisa and Hamish, Clean Corp, Sydney Australia.

Here’s their short story:


WOW – I Didn’t Know You Can Do a Notary Online!

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WOW – I Didn’t Know You Can Do a Notary Online!

It’s the most common expression we hear. Second most often heard? Really cool, why didn’t I think of that?

Our secret sauce? Nothing short of a determined focus on a clear vision. Our customers from all over the World are very surprised that we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary since we processed our first live e-Notarization back in 2004. Our professional team of notaries do an unbelievable job instilling the assurance needed to help our first timers. Proud to share what others have said over the past several days: 

  • NotaryCam, you guys were excellent. Your startup idea is amazing! …….The sign up process was quick and easy. I also talked to someone in online chat right there on the website to ask all the questions I needed. The support was quick and precise. The notary session was relaxing and it was quite a fun experience for me. Once again thanks for providing this awesome service NotaryCam! Keep rockin!  Max Vershinin, April 13, 2014 
  • NOTARY CAM IS AWESOME!! Welcome to the power of the digital world. They linked me and my partner from one coast to the other, with signed and notarized documents In our inbox within the half hour. This is service that’s relevant, affordable, and efficient. And the staff is helpful, professional, friendly, and timely. You won’t be disappointed!   Alexander Smith April 8, 2014


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Phony lawyers calling themselves notarios continue to scam unsuspecting immigrants

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EL PASO — A “Now Renting” sign and an empty office is all Irma Castañeda found when she went to ask her immigration attorney how her deferred action petition was proceeding. She had paid the man who turned out not to be a lawyer at all $2000 to solve her immigration problem.

Had the scam never happened, Castañeda would be done with her deferred action process. In the meantime, she is not allowed to work and she is desperate because her husband was deported recently, the house he started to build for them at Horizon City is unfinished, and she cannot feed or provide any comfort to her two daughters — Rosalva, 12, and Jackeline, 9, who was born with a developmental disability.

According to immigrant advocates, individuals setting up phony legal offices on the bilingual U.S.-Mexico border are taking advantage of the frequent confusion between the term notario público understood to usually denote a lawyer in Mexico and notary public, which in the U.S. is a person with no legal training, with the very limited legal authority of a licensed notary public to basically attest to the validity of a signature on a document for a $6 fee.

As a consequence, this misconception often leads to cases of immigrants becoming victims of extortion from shady individuals passing themselves off as immigration attorneys.

“Undocumented immigrants are in desperate situations and…

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