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Long Awaited – FHA Approves e-Signatures

January 30th, 2014 No comments

It was announced today that the FHA will now accept e-Signatures. Industry pundits have said that the entire electronic real estate and mortgage transaction has been stalled to almost to a complete halt without this FHA buy-in. (E-Sign Act, June 2000)

Settleware has been advocating such advances and pioneering the effort since the late 90′s (and we have the arrows in the back to prove it)..this announcement will be well received by all Industry stakeholders, especially the consumer who has been needlessly inconvenienced, and will now open the path to e-Mortgage adoption.




’21 Point’ Touchdowns – Not!

January 6th, 2014 No comments

Hope you enjoyed the never-ending Holidays. Don’t know about you but with the holidays falling on Wednesday this year it seemed that I was on an extended vacation. (I guess that’s why Doctor’s close on Wednesdays) Great time, however, to relax, recharge and reflect – except if you’re back East and had to crank up those snow blowers..

Anyway, did you make a resolution to stop procrastinating this year? Well, good news, you don’t have to start implementing your goals until Monday, January 6th – the ‘official’ start of 2014- whew, what a relief! Sound familiar-losing weight, more exercise, make more money, etc.? Another sliver of good news to kick the year off – only 8% of us will achieve our new year’s resolutions-so don’t beat yourself up if you already blew it. It took you an entire year to add on those extra pounds why would you expect to lose them in a week or two?

If you were lucky enough to catch the Indianapolis Colts this weekend you saw one of the greatest comebacks in NFL playoff history. (against the Kansas City Chiefs). In order for the Colts to pull this off they needed a great quarterback. Andrew Luck, with only 2 years NFL experience, has already proved he is one of the best to ever play the position.

What Luck understood, as he came out for the 2nd half trailing by 21 points, is that there are no ’21 point’ touchdowns. He was also able to convince his teammates that there are no quick fixes… forget the score, let’s just get on the field and get this done, play by play. After an early mistake (interception) they were now down by 28..again, don’t look back, let’s take this one step at a time… (you guessed it, no ’28 point’ touchdowns either) It took a tremendous amount of conviction, composure and calmness-proving it could be done, despite facing insurmountable odds.

In life, you are your own quarterback. Taking charge and being honest with that man (woman) in the mirror will take you wherever and whenever you want to go. You CAN do this-have fun and make this the best year of your life! Establish your goals, set your sails, seek support from friends and family and ignore the opinions of naysayers. It’s okay to experience minor setbacks (interceptions) – as a matter of fact, expect them along the way, but just keep falling forward regardless..

Most of all, remember that there are no ‘ 21 point’ touchdowns in Life and that you are an exclusive member of  ’The 8 Percent Club’!