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False Signatures Again-Is it Time For Lenders to Demand Secure e-Signatures?

March 18th, 2011 No comments

It’s hard to believe that after more than a decade of the passage the Federal E-Sign Act (June 2000) we are still reeling from headlines like this:

More foreclosure irregularities alleged in Maryland

Former law firm employee says over 1,000 deeds were recorded with false signatures
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You have to wonder what else it would take for the Industry to adopt secure and compliant electronic signatures, records, contracts, agreements and processing? ‘Robo-Signing’,  backdating and manipulative notarizations, people falsely ‘wet’ paper signing as imposters, etc.-astounding!

Now is the time for all good lenders, servicers and investors to reduce the ‘human error’ factor and protect all parties involved in one of the largest transactions anyone will make in their lifetime. identity verification, authentication, Tamper sealing, document integrity, secure e-Vaulting, etc.  No longer an experiment – the time is now to stop the Madness!