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 Orange County, CA, July 5, 2010 Settleware® Secure Services, Inc. a leading provider of patented and innovative e-Signature solutions, today announced that it welcomed last week’s ruling by the Supreme Court in the Bilski v. Kappos case.  After much anticipation, the Supreme Court reaffirmed the need for patent laws that ensure technological progress, rejecting a federal circuit court’s opinion

“We were pleasantly surprised and applaud the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Bilski case,” stated C. Richard Triola, President & CEO of Settleware Secure Services, Inc. With this ruling, the court has opined that applying the lower court’s very narrow view of business method patents would stifle innovation of technologies such as those utilized by Settleware in the Internet and computer software industry.  Triola continued, “We have developed and patented our industry leading solutions, and our IP portfolio provides protection for our innovations. With the higher courts ruling patent law has been enriched and provides critically important incentives to all of our stakeholders and strengthens the value proposition and ownership of our technologies in our business sector. This important Supreme Court ruling will enable Settleware, innovators and the entire software industry to continue making important contributions in the future. 

About Settleware®

 With offices in Orange County, Calif. and Raleigh, NC, Settleware Secure Services, Inc. has been working to facilitate electronic and paperless real estate/mortgage transactions since 1999 and is the leading provider of e-Signatures, e-Notarization and e-Recording workflow to the Mortgage/Real Estate/Mortgage Industry. Settleware offers the first and only e-signing solution for the fully-electronic real estate and mortgage transaction, from the offer contract to the County Recorder and to the Secondary Investor. The company’s innovative workflow meets guidelines set by the E-Sign Act and UETA and supports both MISMO SMART Doc® and e-Signed PDF standards. The company offers a secure signing solution that provides document tamper sealing, roles and permissions access and secure digital encryption algorithms that can authenticate the source of a digital signature as “valid” while providing one of the Industry’s first certified e-Vaults. The company’s low-cost and patented Web-based solution seamlessly connects all participants in the real estate/mortgage transaction, is vendor neutral and is offered as an affordable Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription basis. For more information about Settleware contact us 949.313.7703, or visit the company’s website at


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 Welcome to the 2nd Half-WOW!

Hard to believe that we are in July already-strange thing is that I’m hearing that from most people I come in contact with. Why is that? I believe we are in unique times with quite a bit of doubt and uncertainty and it seems everyone is scrambling to make heads or tails as to where we go from here. Plenty of mixed signals-Headlines saying things are great but if you read past the first paragraph you realize that was just misleading. For example.  read a story with a headline that stated ‘Company X beats Analyst Projections”-sounds good, right? Only to read that the analyst reduced the projection much lower than the year before and Company X beat the street by a penny. Also, went on to say it was the worst year the company had in their 87 year history. Point is to stay focused doing those little things correctly and when the market really turns you will be well positioned to capitalize.. Don’t worry about all the ‘Noise’ and ‘Vaporware’ !