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Let’s Celebrate June 30, 2010!

May 30th, 2010 No comments

OK- What is so significant that we should celebrate June 30, 2010? Glad you asked. For the smart, wise guys yes, it is 30 days from today, Memorial Day. We are celebrating today because it is the 10th Anniversary of President Clintons passage of the e-Sign Act. Coincidentally, it is also the day by which Home Buyers must close their purchase in order to claim the federal Home Buyer credit of up to $8,000.
So what’s the connection? Actually, I couldn’t think of a better time to launch our first newsletter or a better time to extol the benefits of e-Signing to potential Home Buyers/Sellers, real estate/mortgage professionals and escrow/settlement closing agents. For those of you that have your contracts in place by the required April, 30, 2010 you will probably be most interested but a lesson can be learned by all. As you may know, I have been licensed real estate professional on both coasts for over 30 years as well as spending almost 10 years on the escrow/closing side of the business. I, as all seasoned real estate/mortgage and escrow/settlement professionals, have seen our fair share of missteps that can happen on the road to closing. It is not uncommon for some type of delay to pop up at the last minute causing the closing date to change or the deal falling out all together.
“Okay- I get that but, again, what is this have to do with e-Signatures and June 30th tax credit?” I’ll explain-more than 50% of all delayed closings are due to the fact that most paperwork is not complete-missing signatures, initials, document/pages, etc-starting to get the picture? The essence of the US e-Sign Act is that by affixing an electronic signature to a contract will have the same effect and legal standing as a ‘wet-signed’ original. So, your Home buyer is trying to close by June 30th and completes all the required paperwork, signatures et al and submits to closing agent. The real estate checks in with closing agent to find out about the closing only to discover that the escrow officer either did not receive the paperwork, it is not completed, initials are missing on page 17 or perhaps the entire set of documents were misplaced or misfiled. Regardless, you know the drill, “sorry but until we have the required compliant docs in place we can’t close-but good news we can try to close before the July 4th holiday.” “Oh No” says the Buyer “but I will lose my $8,000 tax credit.” (You know I can’t print what they actually said) Of course, it could be even worse if the Seller turns around and says “ Too bad you missed your closing date, we will be keeping your deposit and selling it to the back-up offer at a much higher price”-eeks!!
A long drawn out scenario ( but all too real) to highlight how the simple usage of secure workflow enhanced by e-Signatures would have prevented if only the agents, lenders and closing agents were on board with and abiding to the spirit of the e-Sign Act. The compliance, transparency and intelligence around the electronic documents would have prevented this serious damage/injury if all the above named ‘professionals’ kept up with ‘relevant’ technological advances.
When you send a consumer/signer documents through our secure platform ALL mandatory fields (signatures, initials, etc) would be required BEFORE a allowing a person to sign and return docs to the Submitter. A friendly reminder is displayed informing Signer that they ‘forgot’ to enter their initials on page 17. Buyer never needs to panic to have these docs signed, find a fax machine or scanner or worst yet, to have to run to some expensive overnight carrier by 5 pm so Submitter will receive next day in time for closing. Signers can easily sign their compliant docs in real-time , from anywhere-even on their mobile phone as they are trying to board the airplane-and Submitter will have legally binding docs in less than 5 minutes.
Ten years ago we said “wouldn’t it be terrific if we could remove all the ‘friction’ and most of the stress out this type of transaction?” Today, we have collaborated in Industry experts and Pioneers and been certified by County Recorders, Secretaries of State, Fannie Mae, MERS e-Registry, Wells Fargo, FHA, etc.
So why aren’t all the real estate/mortgage and closing agents on board? Good question – I bet your Buyer is looking for the answer as well!
We care about our Clients and especially how we may better serve you. Please join us on our Blog and/or send comments to


Neighborhood BBQ-are they talking about you?

May 29th, 2010 No comments

First, a big shout out of thanks and gratitude for all the brave men and women who have and continue to serve us in the armed forces -Protecting our freedom and our way of life! Memorial Weekend is, as intended, a great time to pause and reflect. It is also a time when we all take a much needed rest and to spend with family and friends. For those on the East Coast it is the ‘official’ opening of the fun season that extends through Labor Day-for those of us in the Sunbelt just seems to blend into our everyday life except that we have an extra day off. As such, most will hit the beach and/or fire up the grills. Since I have to weave a little business into this story (Sorry to spoil your relaxing weekend) I have a thought and wondered how you (and we) have ‘differentiated’ ourselves from the competition. Are we really treating our customers and prospects as we would like to be treated? Have we gone the extra mile? Do we create a positive WOW ‘Memorial’ experience every time we speak to our clients? And more important and yet a better test-is your client talking about you to their neighbors at this weekend’s BBQ or family gathering? We all know that our clients are the lifeblood for our business but do we really take time to reflect what or how do we show appreciation for their continued support? While we take a breather this weekend it may be just the right time to ‘Open the Season’, review your Culture and take care of your customers-before someone else does-I know we will! Have fun and don’t eat too many Hot Dogs!


Join us for a free lunch with Tony Robbin’s Companies!

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Peak Performance Strategy Session

Strategies from “Unleash The Power Within”


A workshop that will provide you with the same strategies, communications skills, and physiology used by the world’s top achievers to attain outstanding success and fulfillment.


Settleware e-Sign present Joshua Wenner, a Peak Performance Strategist and National Speaker from the Anthony Robbins Company.

When: Tuesday June 8th (FREE for our Guests)
Taco Tuesday starts at 1:15 Pm
The session starts at 2:00 PM

Where:        Newport Beach Yacht Club
1099 Bayside Dr.
Newport Beach, Ca. 92660 Space Limited: RSVP or call

1 949.313.7703


  • Improved performance
  • The Power of Focus
  • Higher sales, higher income
  • Lower stress
  • Better relationships
  • Higher job satisfaction

Who should attend: Those who desire to learn cutting edge tools that will help them overcome challenges and rapidly achieve their personal and professional goals.

Settleware e-Sign: is underwriting all cost for the facility and luncheon.


We Hear You! (Another System Upgrade)

May 26th, 2010 No comments

We have upgraded our system once again and you can upload fillable PDF’s directly into your Signing Room. Obvious advantages are that you no longer need to wait for our team to build out these forms for you and second, you don’t have to go through a 2 step process whereby you would need to open these PDF’s into Adobe. We know not everyone has the same version and when we offered in the past we heard the complaints that all Adobe versions were not compatible. So if you already have fillable PDF’s that need to be processed and e-Signed just upload directly into your Signing Room and send for signatures. Or you can create your own fillable PDF’s with Adobe Professional version but if you need assistance let us know and we will be happy to assist!


Serving Up ‘Happiness’

May 22nd, 2010 No comments

Been reading the book I received from Zappos CEO. Tony Hsieh “Delivering Happiness..”( Available June 7, 2010) and ‘Happy’ to report that we are pleased with the tremendous feedback from our clients -commending not only our superior User experience but that our employees are ‘going above and beyond’ what is anticiapted. Our customers are the life blood of our business and we appreciate you each and every day – ‘Happy’ to hear that our employees go that extra mile! A special thanks goes out to one of our clients for taking the time to comment and commend that one of our employees actually responded to her support request 5 minutes after it was posted – at 11:30pm on a Saturday evening! Our mission is not only to treat you like we would like to be treated but to also deliver the best possible experience to all of our Users and their clients. As such we ‘listen’ to our clients needs and make those adjustments as quickly as possible. We have upgraded our service 6 times since the roll-out of our On Demand e-signing solution ( over the past 18 months) and will be making another announcement next week. We’re ‘Happy’ that you given us the chance to serve you and we look forward to a long relationship as e-Signatures become the deFacto standard!