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Holiday Blog Launch

December 27th, 2008 4 comments

With all the chaos that often surrounds our modern Holiday Season there also comes the proverbial ‘downtime’ – which affords the opportunity to catch up on our ‘to do list’. So here we are, the choice of heading to the Mall to take advantage of the Giveaways or spend the time to finally get ‘Establishing our Blog’ off the top of that list. (One of my least difficult choices). I have chosen the ‘No Brainer’ title for a number of reasons-first, a friend of my named his company ‘No Brain Marketing’ back in the 90′s as he offered a new long distance company which saved folks atleast 30% off of the Big 3 -at the time enjoying a 99% market share. Capitalizing on his success to pass on savings to millions of customers , we have decided not to call it plagarism – we call it research! Also, when once asked why we have the fortitude and perserverance to stick with e-Sign solutions for the past almost 10 years-we just new that if people/corporations had the choice of eliminating paper, fax machines (toner and ink), expensive FedEx (the new Snail Mail) charges while becoming good social responsible citizens-Save Time, Save Money, Save Trees and Save Our Planet-well, this would be a ‘No Brainer’.

So hear we have it – the official launch! With our growing list of hundreds of new customers each month we hope you enjoy the opportunity to let your voice be heard. We are truly an Innovative company and are always looking to improve your processes (not ours) so we will listen to the Good, the Bad and the Ugly ( hopefully, more on the former). Have a terrific time at the Mall for those end of this Holiday Season bargains and look forward to working with you in our upcoming ‘Break-Out’ Year. Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2009 and Congratulations on your decision to take your business to new heights.